a floridays journey

a floridays journey

Trip 13 – Trimble Park

Dates:Nov 9 – 12, 2023
Amenities:Water, Electric
What we learned:Ask if there is a water site available due to cancellation
Would we go back:Yes, try to get a water site
Website:Trimble Park

Wayne and I have wanted to get back to the Mt Dora area to kayak Blackwater Creek to Lake Norris. There was an opening at Trimble Park and I had seen so many good reviews online about the park we booked the last spot for the long weekend. We drove both Floridays and the Jeep as the kayak launch at Blackwater creek is on a dirt road and did not want to take the van there. We arrived too early to check in so we parked the van in the parking lot and drove into Mt Dora in the Jeep. It is such cute little town and the Christmas decorations were getting put up for the season.

Checked into the campsite the gentleman at the desk was really informative about places to kayak and see nature. Wayne and I got settled in and walked around and hung out for the rest of the day. The sunsets by the dock were drop dead gorgeous.

We planned on waking up early to get out as the creek was about 30 minutes away. We arrived at the launch about 8:30. Lake Norris is about 1 mile north up the river. The current is not strong and we did not stop along the way. As we emerged out of the creek into the 1100 acre Lake we were relived that the wind was almost non-existent so we were able to explore more of the lake that we did last time we were here. The cypress tree in the lake were in their fall colors. It was just beautiful kayaking between the trees exploring. After 4 hours on the lake we headed back down the creek. We saw more alligators going back to the launch. Most were skittish but there were 2 that stayed on their logs.

We arrived back a the car and we had a flat. Had to change the tire and then get it fixed. There goes our idea of eating out tonight.

Saturday we decided to kayak the Dora Canal. The canal links Lake Dora to Lake Eustis. We put in at Lake Eustis boat ramp and in the parking lot on a pole were 2 bald eagles. I had heard the canal was good but I do not think Saturday on a holiday weekend was the time to kayak it. There were boats going both ways some were not adhering to the no wake zone and some were also playing their music super loud. I am all for having fun on the water but really do you have to play your music at level 20 in a canal that is only about 40 ft wide and you are 10 feet from the boat in front of you. Wayne and I still had fun. We ended the day with a great dinner in Mt Dora at Pisces Rising.

Sunday on our way home we drove the 11 mile Lake Apopka wildlife drive. Again another place I had heard about and seen pictures from here and never been to. There was a parking area for those that that wanted to bike or hike the drive, so we left Floridays there and took the Jeep. There were birds everywhere and close. A few gators but mostly birds. You could really work a subject and try out various angles and settings.

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